12 to 16 July 2013

Santhigram, Chappath (Near Vizhinjam), Thiruvananthapuram

Santhigram Aarogyaniketanam (wellness center) is organizing Psycho Nutritional Cure Camp in collaboration with Natural Health Research Foundation, Thrissur. The camp will start on 12 (6 pm) and conclude on 16 (10 am) July. The programs will be conducted at Santhigram, Chappath (Near Vizhinjam). The participants will have to contribute an amount of Rs. 3500/- which is inclusive of boarding, lodging, and other incidental expenses.

In the camp, methods including nutrition, rest, music, psychological counseling etc. will be used for healing. Dr. John Baby, Former Head, Department of Psychology, Calicut University  will be the chief resource person and  will be assisted by a team of holistic health care practitioners.  The camp is intended for people with chronic diseases like Bronchial Asthma, diabetes, Blood pressure, Psycho somatic, Obesity, Addictions, Arthritis, Neuro muscular, Kidney & Heart, etc.  The uniqueness of the camp is to cure these diseases with out the use of medicines of any kind.

The admission is restricted to 20 persons on a first come first serve basis.

For more details please contact:

(M) 8086488006, 9497004409, 0471-2269780, 6452511.

E-mail:, Web: www.santhigram.org

 L. Pankajakshan


Chappath, Kazhuvur. P.O, Pulluvila- 695526,

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Phone: 0471 2269780, 6452511, (M) 9287548234


Skill Training in Holistic Health Care

Vizhinjam: Santhigram Wellness Center, the health division of Santhigram is organizing a three months certificate course on alternative health care which provides treatment without the use of medicines.

The major contents of the course include Acupressure, Massage, Sujok, Yoga, Meditation and Counseling. The courses will start on May 1, 2013. Expert professionals will lead the sessions. The program will be held on holidays from 9am to 5pm. Those interested may contact on or before April 24. The interview will be held on April 26 at 10:00 AM.

For further details: (Phone) 8086488006, 0471 6452511


Web: www.santhigram.org

DURATION: 3 Months (May – July 2013) No. of contact classes: 10 days & Seminars
Mode of study: Contact Classes Eligibility: Std X with good physical and mental health.
Faculty Team – Dr. Shajikutty (SK), Dr. K.N Sunil Dutt (SD), Yogacharya D. Sreekantan Nair (DSN), Dr.V.Vijayakumar (VV), Sri. Mulloor Jayachandran, Smt. G.S Santhamma, Ms.S.P Gayathri (GSP)
Certification: Santhigram’s certificate will be issued to those who successfully pass the examination and fulfilling the academic criteria’s.
Course Fee :  Rs. 5000/- Eligible candidate will be provided scholarship – (limited)


No Subject Day Date No. of hours Faculty / RP
I Anatomy, Physiology 1 FT 11 May 2013 6 Dr SK/Dr SD
2 FT 12 May 2013 6 Dr SK/Dr SD
3 FN 19 May 2013 3 Dr SK/Dr SD
Other systems of human body 3 AN 19 May 2013 3 DSN
II Introduction to Holistic approach and Acupressure 4 8 Jun 2013 6 VV
Reflexology 5 9 Jun 2013 6 DSN
Meridians 6 16 Jun 2013 6 DSN
SuJok Correspondence 7 30 Jun 2013 6 VV
Shiatsu, Diagnosis & Treatment 8 7 Jul 2013 6 VV/DSN
III Hospital Management, Clinical Skills 9 13 Jul 2013 6 DrSD/ GSP
First Aid 10 14 Jul 2013 6 Dr SD/GSP
IV Theory Examination 11 FN 28Jul 2013 3 Santhigram
Practical Examination 11 AN 28Jul 2013 VV/DSN
V Medical Camp 12 Any Day before exam 4 Santhigram
VI Yoga & Meditation Seminar Any Day before exam 6 DSN, JC
VII Mental Health & Counseling Seminar do 6 GSS

FT-Full Time: FN-Morning: AN-Afternoon

Certificate Course in Holistic Health – Press release


Yoga Meditation training for women & students will start from 15 to 25 April 2013 at Santhigram, Chappath (Near Vizhinjam) and inaugurated by Smt. Ramani P.Nair (President, District Panchayat) on 15.4.2013 at 10 am.

Holistic Health Awareness Campaign and Yoga Meditation Camp notice



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Santhigram Arogyanikethan & Swaraj Bhavan inaugurated

Santhigram Swaraj Bhavan Arogyaniketham Inaugurated by  Padmasree Sugathakumari and Padmasree  Mitraniketan K. Viswanathan

Santhigram Swaraj Bhavan Arogyaniketham Inaugurated by Padmasree Sugathakumari and Padmasree Mitraniketan K. Viswanathan

 Vizhinjam: “In order to have a sustainable health protection a people health movement is to be launched by the people and the government”, Former Health Minister V.M Sudheeran, the former Health Minister said. He was inaugurating the Arogyanikethan at Chappath. The facilitation Central Office of Santhigram, Jackfruit Promotion Council, Holistic Health Promotion Council namely the Swaraj Bhavan was inaugurated by Padmasree Sugathakumari and Padmasree K. Viswanadhan, the Director of Mitraniketan.

Santhigram Swaraj Bhavann Inaugurated by  Kavayathri B. Sugathakumari

Santhigram Swaraj Bhavann Inaugurated by Kavayathri B. Sugathakumari

Santhigram Wellness Center Inaugurated by V.M Sudheeran

Santhigram Wellness Center Inaugurated by V.M Sudheeran

Diseases are at an increase along with the increase of modern hospitals and treatment facilities. Former Health Minister V.M Sudheeran said new unknown diseases we are contracting through polluting our air, water and earth. Mental and physical diseases are at an increase due to the use of alcohol and other abusive substances. We have to have a people movement to save over children and women from alcohol – based crimes.

 Chairman, All India Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, P. Gopinadhan Nair, prof. R.V.G Menon, R.K Sundaram, Dr. V. Rajasenan Nair, Dr. V. Reghu, Dr. Mercy Muricken, Prof. T.S.N Pillai, P.M Dev, A. Saraswathy Bhai, R. Appukuttan, Payattuvila C. Retnakaran, C. Leela Bhai, the Santhigram mothers, Kamalamma, Reghupathi, Padmavathi and Sumangi were adored by ponnada in the Guruvandanam programme.

  P.T Mathew, President of Kerala Grama Panchayat Association was the chief guest and B. Sivakumar, President, Kottukal Grama Panchayat, V.V Ramachandran, Head, NHRM Social Development have facilitated.

 Dr. Ravi. M. Nair, Dr. Mricken, Dr. P.K jayarus, Dr. John baby, Dr. Shajikutty, Dr. Sunil Dhath, Yogacharya D. Sreekandan Nair, and Dr. V. Vijayakumar have presented various subjects in the health seminar based on the topic of ‘you are your own doctor’.

 Ajit Venniyoor, Johnson Joseph, Pushpam Vincent, Dr. T. Sundaresan, M.V Ramakrishnan, Rosario Elizabeth, Asuntha Mohan and Daniel Mobesh had participated in the fraternity meeting.

 The musical evening was blessed with Dr. T.K sanitha (Hindustani vocal), I. Vijayakumari & party.


Vizhinjam – Santhigram Wellness Centre Inaugurated on 27th March 2013 – Press release
Press release Santhigram Wellness Centre Inauguration on 27th March 2013
Wellness Center Notice Malayalam

 Dedicating to the Public


27 March 2013,

SANTHIGRAM, Chappath (Vizhinjam), Thiruvananthapuram

Dear Friend,
Greetings from Santhigram! 
We are happy to share with you the glad news that Santhigram has completed a quarter of a century in the cause of equitable and sustainable development. This has been possible because of the valuable support provided by friends like you.
 As part of the Silver Jubilee celebrations, we are happy to dedicate to the public the SanthigramWellnessCenter, constructed with the support of Andheri Trust, Trichy and local friends and well-wishers.
The WellnessCenter (Arogya Niketan) will function as the facilitation center for different Santhigram initiatives aimed at promoting holistic health, with focus on non-invasive, low-cost methods with no side effects.
The function will start at 10. a.m. and end by 5 p.m.
You are cordially invited to bless the function with your esteemed presence and make it a success with your valuable participation.
For Santhigram Executive  Committee
R.K Sundaram       K.Sathyavrathan                L. Pankajakshan             G.S Santhamma
Chairperson                Vice Chairperson                       Director                                     Joint Director
For Santhigram Holistic Health Care & Research Centre (SHCRC)
K. Pratapachandran                                            Dr. V. Vijayakumar                     P.Usha                       
Advisory Board Chairman        Honorary Director       Coordinator
Mulloor S. Jayachandran
Master Trainer

Program Schedule at a glance

 10.00 am.                         : Planting of saplingsProgram Schedule at a glance

10.15 am                           : Gou Pooja (feeding the native breeds of cows like vechur, kapila in the Gosala)
Inauguration                  : Sri. P. Gopinathan       Nair (Chairman, All India Gandhi  Smarak Nidhi)
10.25 am                          : Inauguration of Swaraj Bhavan :
                                               Padmasree K.Viswanathan (Mitranikethan) and Padmasree B.Sugathakumari (Abhaya)
10.30 -12am                   : “Guru Vandanam” (honoring our mentors) & Inaugural Function   And inauguration of    
                                               Arogya Niketanam
Presidential Address  : Padmasree K. Viswanathan (Director, Mitraniketan)
Keynote address          : Sri. S.Santiago (Regional Officer- South India, Andheri Trust/Hilfe, Trichy)
Inauguration of Wellness Centre : Sri. V.M Sudheeran (Former Health Minister, Kerala)
Benedictory Speech:Padmasree B. Sugathakumari (Secretary, Abhaya)
Chief Guest                    : Sri. P.T. Mathew (State President, Kerala Grama Panchayath Association)
Honouring Mentors:
Sri. P. Gopinadhan Nair, Sri. R. K. Sundaram, Prof. R.V.G Menon (Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishath), Rev. Fr. John. D. BoscoSr. Philomina Thomas (Women’s Welfare Centre-Pune),  Sri. R. Eugene Culas (Director, Voice of Dalit International, UK), Rev. Fr. Thomas Kocheri (World Fishermen Forum), Sri. Ajit Muricken (Vikas Adhyayan Kendra, Mumbai), Dr. V. Rajasenan Nair (Deputy Director, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangadhan), Dr. V. Reghu (Retd. Controller of Examination, RGNIYD, Govt. of India), Dr. Mercy Muricken, Prof. T.S.N Pillai (Rtd. Professor, Loyola College of Social sciences) Sri. G. Placid (Director, SAHAYI), Sri. Kumar Kalanand Mani (Peaceful Society, Goa), Smt. Sethu Viswanathan (Mitraniketan), Rev. Fr. G. Kulandai Raj (Executive Director, Andheri Trust), Sri. P.M Dev, Sri. N. Nanukuttan Nair, Smt. Saraswathy Bhai (Kerala nature cure Federation), Sri. R. Appukkuttan, Smt. C. Leela BhaiMothers of Santhigram (Smt. Kamalamma, Smt. B. Reghupathy, Padmavathy and Sumangi)

Felicitations    :

Padmasree G. Sankar (Chairman, Habitat Technology Group)
Sri. G. Happykumar (Deputy Mayor, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation)
Sri. B. Sivakumar (President, Kottukal Grama Panchayat)
Smt. B. Latha Pushpangathan (President, Poovar Grama Panchayat)
 Sri. Mangalathukonam Raju (President, Venganoor Grama Panchayat)
 Sri. V.V Ramachandran (Head, Social Development, NRHM)
12.00-01.00 pm             : Health Conference – “ You are your own Doctor”
Chairman                          : Dr.Ravi M. Nair (Former Advisor (Homeopathy), Govt. Of India)
Chief Guest                       : Dr. Mercy Muricken (Medical Officer, MitraniketanHospital,Vagamon)
Keynote Address         : Dr. P.K Jayarus (Former, Holistic Medicine & Stress unit,  Medical collage & Chairman, SAMAGRA – Holistic Health Promotion Council)


Dr. John Baby (Former Head, Department of Psychology, CalicutUniversity)
Dr. T.S Jayan (Senior Medical Officer – Specialist Marma, Govt.AyurvedaHospital, Nedumangad)
Dr. K.S Shaiju (Medical Officer – Naturopathy & Yoga, Govt.AyurvedaHospital, Ottappalam)
Dr. G. Sureshkumar (Registrar, Child Development Centre, Medical Collage, TVPM)
Dr. K.N. Sunil Dhath (Medical Officer, GeethanjaliHospital, Mukkola)
Yogacharya D. Sreekandan Nair (Director, Integral Psycho – Yoga & Holistic Health Association (IPYHA)
Dr. C.V Gangadharan (Director, Pathayam, Nature Food Restaurant)
Dr. V. Vijayakumar (Hon. Director, Santhigram Holistic Health Research Centre)
1.00-2.00 pm                   : Lunch break
2.00-3.00 pm                  : Health Session- contd…
300.-500pm                    : Get – together of Friends : Santhigram – Next 20 years
Inauguration                  : Sri. Rufus Daniel (Vice President, District Panchayat, TVPM &
Chairman, Jackfruit Promotion Council)
Chief Guest                       : Dr. K. Pratapan (Mission Director, State Horticulture Mission)
Presidential Address  : Sri. Ajit Venniyoor (PRO, Kudumbasree Mission)
Participants                   : Sri. Raveendran Unnithan (President, Madavoor, Grama Panchayat)
Smt. Sarasikuttappan (President, Kanjiramkulam Grama Panchayat)
Dr. Swarup John (Dean, Agricultural Collage, Vellayani)
Sri. M. Govindan (Deputy Director of Panchayat, Kasaragod)
Sri. Cherakkott Kunhikannan (Former President, Ajanur Grama Panchayat)
Sri. Johnson Joseph (Leader of UDF, Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram)
Sri. R. Ashok kumar (Leader of BJP, Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram)
Sri. Pushpam Vincent (Vice President, Karumkulam Grama Panchayat)
Sri. V.S Santhosh Kumar (Director, Sanitation Mission – Kerala)
Dr. T. Sundaresan Nair (Program Coordinator, State Resource Centre – Kerala)
Sri. K.N Anandakumar (Founder & Executive Director, Sri Sathya Sai Orphanage Trust- Kerala)
Dr. C. Suresh Kumar (General Secretary, CISSA)
Sri. M. M Augustine (General Secretary, Arsha Bharat, Wayanad)
Sri. M.V Ramakrishnan (Director, SEDS, Monacha, Kasaragod)
Smt. H. Sukumari (Councilor, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation)
Smt. Rosario Elizabeth (Retd. Adl. Secretary, Govt. of Kerala)
Smt. Asuntha Mohan (Former President, Vizhinjam Grama Panchayat)
Smt. Sheela Badran (Former President, Venganoor Grama Panchayat)
Sri. Daniel Mobesh (Chartered Accountant)
Felicitation to the senior members of Santhigram
Consolidation of Discussion: Dr. Antony Palackal (Professor, Loyola Collage of Social Sciences)
5.00 – 6.00pm: Musical Treat Lead by Dr. T.K Sanitha, Sri. PunnakkulamRajappan &
Smt I. Vijayakumari


Always with People for change

Chappath, Kazhuvur. P.O, Pulluvila- 695526, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Phone: 0471 2269780, 6452511, (M) 9287548234
Donation made to Santhigram are eligible for exemption under 80G (5), (VI) 1961 of Income Tax Act
 (C.No.302/80G/ Renewal/ No.29/2001-02 Ren 21-09-2004/ 2008 – 2009/ PAN –AAAAAS3305F dated 13 October 2010)


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